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"Have to say it is really fantastic stuff! It will have huge positive implications for all readers, whether they are new to this way of thinking or quite experienced with it - the writing is so well done that each reader will be able to align themselves immediately."
~ Laure Mayo


"Thank you for Wednesday...I am grateful for your beautiful words…you do inspire, woman, and that is incredible…you have a true gift.."

~ Rebecca Hay, Reflexologist


"Your talk was amazing."

~ Caroline Barham, Owner of 6 Tim Hortons Franchises


"You were amazing, and I really enjoyed how you threw in some humor too."

~ Controller of Hotel Arts


"My partner and I really enjoyed your presentation and the movie. I have been listening to your CD with Christina at Night. You have a wonderful speaking voice…the messages are also great."

~ Amy Strutt


"Your speaking style kept us engaged. You had the audience hanging, waiting for the next nugget. Bravo!! I don't know how many motivational speakers are women. I am sure it is a minority. You have a vast audience out there, waiting to hear your message, and the message comes across just as strong to men (although we don't listen as well)."

"You said your goal was to change lives, and you have. All those who were there are changed, some just a little bit, some a lot. Some will shout from the rooftops, and others will internalize your message and change "quietly." However it happens, you are reaching out and accomplishing your goals and helping others accomplish theirs. By the way, I am having a GREAT day."

~ Art, Entrepreneur 


"Thanks for the amazing, inspirational evening!!! I loved how your  talk was so casual, yet so related to the points made in the excellent film, "The Ultimate Gift." I can't wait to read the book and would be honored to help with selling them in my design studio.

~ Sandra Young, Owner, Willow Studio


"Thank you for the invite for all of us last night. You are amazing!!!!"

~ Jan Wittig, Female Entrepreneur Extraordinare!
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