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Suggested questions for Elisabeth Fayt:

  1. You teach people to create health, wealth, and love in their lives through a process called pre-paving. What are some examples of pre-paving, and how does it help people to create the life they desire?
  2. What was your inspiration for Paving it Forward?
  3. How did you get involved with The Opus Movie?
  4. You are a very successful business woman. How did you get started in the spa business, and to what do you attribute the success of RnR Wellness?
  5. You spent ten years traveling and working with billionaire Ron Joyce. What did you learn about success through that process?
  6. Is there a connection between your spa and your work as an abundance coach? Can caring for and pampering our bodies help us on our way to success?
  7. Is it possible for people to use pre-paving to pull themselves out of the current economic crisis?
  8. You have overcome many obstacles in your own life. Can you speak about how thoughts can lead to challenges and how pre-paving helped you triumph in business, health, and love?
  9. How has studying with the Masters of India assisted you in understanding the principles of the Law of Attraction?
  10. How has being a Reiki Master influenced your understanding of the spiritual principles you teach?

Media Contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@PublicityResults.com; 828.749.3200


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