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Paving it Forward: All day our thoughts are sending messages to the subconscious mind. Elisabeth Fayt can explain how to pave a new road to health, wealth, and love.


In need of some rest and relaxation? Might be time to refresh your riches. Creating abundance requires people to pay attention to their thoughts AND care for their bodies. International author, speaker, and owner of RnR Wellness, Calgary's private urban retreat, Elisabeth Fayt knows the benefits of nurturing both body and spirit.      


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Elisabeth spent ten years at the side of billionaire Ron Joyce. On private planes, yachts, and in board rooms, Elisabeth rubbed elbows with some of the top business minds in the world. Now an entrepreneurial success in her own right, Elisabeth can share how to think and succeed big.   


Pre-Paving a Way Out of Economic Crisis: Staying positive can be a challenge in the current economic climate. Elisabeth will discuss how to use pre-paving through unemployment, foreclosure, and hungry children.


Finding a Soulmate in Your Current Relationship: Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Elisabeth can explain how changing your thoughts through pre-paving can reveal that the relationship of your dreams may be right in front of you.


Overcoming Obstacles: According to Elisabeth Fayt, "All day you are intending and what you intend, you create." At times this creation is done without consciousness. Having overcome numerous obstacles in business, health, and love, Elisabeth will share how she used the process of pre-paving to move through her own times of adversity.


Media contact is Michelle Tennant: Michelle@PublicityResults.com or 828.749.3200
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